How Often Do People Eat Breakfast?

Do you think you are too busy to eat breakfast in the morning. If you are one who never skips a meal before the sun rises, you are not alone.

According to a YOUGOV.GOV survey, almost 40% of people who took the survey said they eat breakfast everyday. There was exactly 11,924 adults who took were asked the question. Another 22% said they eat breakfast on most days. It did not state the exact number of days.

15% said they eat breakfast half the time, another 11% once or twice a week and surprisingly only 10% of those surveyed actually do not eat breakfast. One of my favorite answers is the I Don’t Know. 3% of the adults who took the survey said they didn’t know if they eat breakfast. Um……… they know what breakfast is and if so, are they just sleeping thru out the day and not really caring what people ask them?


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