Kansas In The Top Five States For Highest Tax Rates

Wallethub has come out with the states with the highest and lowest tax rates in the United States. Unfortunately, the sunflower state is towards the top, and that is not good.

According to the report, Kansas is listed 47th out of the continuous 50 states and the District Of Columbia. The Effective Total State & Local Tax Rates on Median U.S. Household was 13.43%. Only 4 states had higher tax rates than Kansas.

Kansas is also one of the highest states when it comes to taxing food. It is ranked 49th, with only Tennessee and Mississippi with higher tax rates on food. Did you know that there are 35 states that do NOT tax food?

One tax item that Kansas is not as high in is income tax. The state ranks 25th. Surprisingly, Kentucky is the state that has the highest income tax rate in the country.

Where should you go to live if you don’t want to pay a lot of taxes? That would be Alaska. They are on top of the list. The highest taxed state is Illinois.


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