There Could Be One Less Place To Celebrate Kids Birthdays In Topeka

Just when you thought things could not get worse, there could be another family fun restaurant that could be closing it doors.

The Wall Street Journal says the company that owns popular kids restaurant Chuck E. Cheese is $1 billion in debt and is looking for a $200 million loan to stay afloat.

The brand is paying three of it’s top executives more than $3 million to try to get them to stay with the company.   Chuck E. Cheese has 610 locations in 47 states but were forced to close stores due to the pandemic.  The company said back in April that it was already considering bankruptcy.

Here is an excerpt from PEOPLE MAGAZINE that has this interesting quote:

“In an attempt to make money during the pandemic, the store masqueraded as Pasqually’s Pizza and Wings on delivery apps, a reference to one of Chuck E. Cheese’s bandmates”

Kids all over NE Kansas will be sad if this is the case. The games were always fun and it was a great place to celebrate a birthday.


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