We Celebrate National Bike Day

Today is World Bicycle Day. Why is it so important that we celebrate it? If you have tried to purchase one of these the last few months, you have noticed that they are one of the more popular items being sold during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

June 3rd is World Bicycle Day and as many people flock to purchase bicycles in the wake of Coronavirus, there will be many more people that will celebrate one of the easiest forms of transportation this year.

The World Health Organization calls cycling infrastructure, “a step towards achieving greater health equity,” and the vice president of India tweeted about World Bicycle Day and urged people to take up cycling as it is “simple, affordable and an environmentally friendly way to boost health and improve the climate.

I remember my first bike. It was a green huffy that had a break on the handlebar. I also remember getting the most stitches I ever received after riding a bicycle. 15 to be exact on my knee. That has not stopped me from riding one. Which has been a while now.

There was also a sweet moment last week when I saw a boy riding his bike without training wheels for the first time. He feel down and started to cry, but got right back up and started to ride again. If you and your family have a bike, enjoy some family time today or any day that you can.


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