Ways To Wean Off Digital & Social Media

Digital and Social Media has taken over our society. Everywhere you turn, there is a mention for Facebook or Instagram or other social media outlets. Sometimes we spend too much time on it and it can cause problems at work and at home. Now, you can do something about it.


There is a blog that motivational speaker Jerry Del Colliano has that speaks about how to wean yourself off of digital and social media. Some of the ideas include:


-Make it a habit to not open up any apps on your phone when you are in a social setting. That also includes the bathroom and the waiting room at the car dealership waiting for your oil to be changed. 

-Setting a time to shut off your phone, no matter what. 

-No phones at the family meal (This is a good one and has been featured on many commercials recently). 

-Limit yourself on how long you want to be on social media. Set a limit on how many times you scroll down on a page. 

Using these tools could help you win the battle against the addiction of social media. I want to stress that there is NOTHING wrong with being on social media. But, when you are on it more than talking with your kids and family, that is a huge problem. Embrace the technology and remember that relationships and human interaction is the most important thing in anybody’s life.


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