4 things You Should Know About The 4th of July – Fact #4

Image by Keith Horinek “The Spotted Guy

Almost 1 in 3 hot dogs or brats consumed on the Fourth of July originated in Iowa. The Hawkeye State is home to 19.7 million hogs and pigs. That’s almost one-third of the nation’s total. North Carolina (8.6 million) and Minnesota(7.6 million) were also homes to large numbers of pigs. STOP SMIRKING!

Chances are good that the steaks and burgers on your backyard grill came from the Lone Star State, which accounted for about one-sixth (or 7.2 billion pounds) of the nation’s total production. And if the beef did not come from Texas, it very well may have come from Nebraska (4.6 billion pounds) or Kansas (4.0 billion pounds).


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