4 things You Should Know About The 4th of July – Fact #3

Image by Keith Horinek “The Spotted Guy

There are 31 cities in our fine country that have liberty in their names. The most populous one is Liberty, MO(29,149). Iowa, would likely claim more Liberty than any other state: with four towns tacking the autonomous noun to its city name: Libertyville, New Liberty, North Liberty and West Liberty.

Thirty-five places have eagle in their names. 26,248 proud residents call Eagle Pass, TX home.

Eleven places have independence in their names. Independence, MO leads the charge with a population of 116,830.

Nine places have freedom in their names. The most free? New Freedom, PA where 4,464 residents claim freedom as a birthright.

Only one lonely place has patriot in its name. Patriot, IN but we know those 209 proud Americans would take up arms to defend their town.

And finally, five places have America in their names. The local buffet in American Fork, UT serves 26,263 hungry folks.


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