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Working with Angie

Your workday gets much better when you turn on Angie! She’s got the tunes that have the office doing classic hits karaoke! MORE

Eagle Weekends

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Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 the 70’s

American Top 40 began on the Independence Day weekend in 1970, on seven radio stations, the very first being KDEO in El Cajon, California (now KECR), which broadcast the inaugural show the evening of July 3, 1970. The chart data broadcast actually included the top 40 songs from the week ending July 11, 1970. The very…MORE

Live In Concert with Lisa Berigan

Rock Radio has a colorful and successful history of delivering its biggest stars LIVE IN CONCERT.  Every week The Eagle puts you in the front row when the lights go down, the audience roars and the concert begins… weekly live performances by the Icons of Rock–and THE EAGLE IS THE STAGE with LIVE IN CONCERT…MORE


Acoustic Storm with Jeff Perats

The Acoustic Storm features the best variety of acoustic-based rock. With an emphasis on acoustic guitar-driven songs, Jeff Parets presents the full spectrum of acoustic rock, including rarely heard “unplugged” versions of classic tunes in their purest form. Each week, the show spotlights an artist in “The Eye of The Acoustic Storm” with music, bio information…MORE


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