There Is Something That Will Be Missing On New Samsung Phones

If anyone who uses smartphones knows that one of the features of the android phones are the headphone jacks. That is something that apple decided to part ways with when it came out with the IPhone 7. Now another manufacture has decided that it is time to say goodbye to the headphone jack.

According to the website Cult Of Mac, it looks like Samsung is following Apple’s lead and will stop building the headphone jack on its handsets. The Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus will not have a headphone jack but will come with an adapter to allow users to plug in headphones. Samsung released the S10 this past Spring, and from the looks of it that will be the last Samsung product that will have the feature.

Here is the big question…….will people stop buying Samsung smart phones because of the change? I love the fact I don’t have to carry around an adapter for my headphones. This could have many people upset when they are ready to upgrade to the Galaxy 11 or Note 10.


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