Make Sure You Are Checking What Your Kids Watch On YouTube


As a parent, I will admit that when my kids were younger, the easiest thing for me to do is give them an electronic device and have them watch something like a movie or TV show. Now, there is some scary stuff that is on social media outlets, specifically You Tubethat will make you want to watch what your kids are viewing.

According to an article on CNNa mom found some disturbing things when her kids were watching a video on You Tube Kids. The videos included instructions on how to commit suicide. This is what was said in the article:

Free Hess said the first time she saw such a video was back in July when another mom alerted her to it after she and her son were watching cartoon videos on YouTube Kids. Spliced in the middle of one of the videos was footage of a man in sunglasses telling children how to slit their wrists.

The surprising thing is it took You Tube almost a week to remove the video. A week????? That is unacceptable. And what is more ridiculous is the video showed up again on You Tube, this time on the regular website. The mom once again contacted the website and this time it only took two days to take it down. Unfortunately, more “kid” videos depicted some sick things that I won’t mention.

What should it mean for parents? It should be a warning to everyone that because something is labeled “kid friendly”, that doesn’t mean it is. As a parent, you should always watch what your kids are watching. No matter how busy you may be, always make sure that the content is appropriate and won’t include anything that included what those other videos included.


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